The world of health and fitness is filled with challenges and differences, so much so it can present a minefield of information to anyone either starting out or moving through their fitness journey.

The internet and social media contains a myriad of ways to do things, advice on what you should eat (and when you should eat it) all given out by people we all want to look like.

However one thing they seem to ignore, is YOU and your way of life

We all know we should exercise more, eat less saturated fat, eat less salt, get our five a day etc. etc - all this information placed in front of us on a daily basis and what we are told this week, may be different to what we are told next week.

One thing that makes us all great is our differences and with that in mind, presents us with challenges for our training - are we training for endurance, growing muscle or just to be stronger.

Simply put, if you want to lose weight, create a calorie deficit, you want to gain weight, eat more (of the right things), if you know what your goal is, this is where I can help you.

With bespoke training programmes designed just for you, coupled with your 1:1 training sessions, your goals can be realised.

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